Student Response System Leads the Way in Education and Learning

Ever since then, the computer has been an invaluable learning tool that has provided both entertainment and education for students of all ages and ability levels. If you were to visit a software store, you would notice that there are a number of educational programs. For instance you will find maths and reading programs for younger children, and you may very well find some geared toward older children, but programs like this are normally found at online stores. These programs, no matter how advanced they are, pale in comparison to the student response systems found in the interactive whiteboard technology.

The interactive whiteboard is a piece of technology sold by many different companies. The concept is always the same, though the delivery system might be a bit different. There are a few things that all of these devices have in common. For one thing there are some that use wireless technology to connect to your laptop or PC. The lower end models however will only use USB cables to make this connection. This will allow you to set up the whiteboard anywhere in the room, however some say that the wireless technology can be interfered with too easily.

Another difference between models is the actual placement of the projector. In some models the projector will be placed away from the device. You will still be able to interact with the screen, but there will be limitations as to where everyone in the room can move. If you want freedom of movement without interfering with the actual projection, then you would do well to look into the rear mounted projectors. These models are more expensive, but they provide a more interactive learning experiences.

The best part about the interactive white boards is the student response systems built in. There are a number of different resources you can use to take advantage of this function, some of which may be available to you for free. There may be maths, science, and even English games that will heighten the experience through the student response system.

Taking advantage of this technology would be favorable to both you and your students. You will take their education to new heights and your job as a teacher will be much simpler.

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